Hokkaido Hiking Tours

Walk Hokkaido's best trails with local guides
Views of Tokachi Volcanic Group

Immerse yourself in the cultural and natural beauty of Japan’s northernmost island on our Hokkaido hiking tours. As we traverse picturesque rural villages and expansive mountain ranges, revel in the opportunities to connect deeply with the region, observe details that typical visitors miss and enjoy spontaneous encounters along the way. Our small group hiking tours are designed to get you out walking in the amazing Hokkaido countryside in the safest, easiest way possible. Throw your hiking boots on and we’ll see you there!

Our Hokkaido Hiking Tours

Why Hike in Hokkaido

Diverse Trails

Our mountains nationwide are covered with hiking trails which date back to the Shugendo culture, Japan's ancient mountain asceticism. The trails were built over the years to reach the most prominent and sacred peaks. Information about these trails, however, remains untranslated to a great extent, especially more so in rural areas. Together with our experienced local guides, you’ll hit the road less travelled and explore hiking trails which date back centuries!

Flora & Fauna

Hokkaido has evolved in its own unique way for millennia which has given rise to its unique flora and fauna. In the last ice age, Hokkaido was separated from mainland Japan but retained its connection with the Russian island of Sakhalin. Due to this, there are many species found only here within Japan, including brown bears, squirrels and chipmunks. Hiking in Hokkaido provides plenty of opportunities to spot these unique species.


There’s no better way to experience Japanese culture than hiking with a local guide. Hokkaido is frontier territory so overland travel under your own steam is nothing unusual. Bathe in natural hot springs, savour the fantastic fresh seafood, local vegetables, fruit and even ice cream. And to complete your day as a Japanese adventurer, fall into a well earned sleep in futon bedding on tatami floors. It doesn’t get any more Japanese than this!

Views of Tokachi Volcanic Group